3 Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing a Life Plan Community

Feb 17, 2022 | Blog, Senior Living and Health | 0 comments

Life Plan Communities, also known as CCRCs or Continuing Care Retirement Communities, offer a full continuum of care services along with numerous amenities and exciting lifestyle options.

Maybe you or your loved ones are considering moving into a senior living community but aren’t sure where to begin. Or perhaps you’re just wondering about this for the first time.

Keep reading to find out the three most important questions to ask when looking into a Life Plan Community.

1. What services are included with my monthly fee?

When it comes down to it, a CCRC lets you live the lifestyle you want. Accordingly, what the monthly fees cover will depend on whether the community is all-inclusive or offers a la carte services at further cost. Consider the number of meals included in independent living or on-site amenities like fitness centers or salons. Think about on-site entertainment or the benefits – and savings – of not having to worry about home maintenance. At the majority of CCRCs, all those services and more are commonplace, forming the community’s core.

If you ever need help with the Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs, you’ll likely need to transition to a higher level of care. In this event, your monthly rate will increase. How much it increases depends on the given community and the Care contracts it offers.

2. How have your monthly rates changed over the last five years?

Knowing the answer to this question will help you plan for the next five years because it’ll give you an idea of how financially stable the community has been over time. Remember to ask for both the average and monthly figures to get a complete picture of the community’s financial circumstances. Look into care services and if, when or by how much the combined monthly fees have been in the past.

3. What is the ratio of independent living units to assisted living units?

It’s common for some life plan communities to consist primarily of independent living communities with a very small number of assisted living or skilled nursing care units. This is especially relevant to newer communities, in which very few residents need care now but may in the future. If residents need care at that time, will the healthcare center have enough space available? Conversely, some CCRCs evolved from established nursing homes that added independent living facilities, skilled nursing or other types of care later on. You may find the number of residents requiring care services far outweighs those living independently. In these circumstances, communities will help you find and transition to a care facility that can meet your needs.

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