Greensboro’s first choice for senior living.

WhiteStone was founded in 1912 as a Masonic and Eastern Star senior living community. It’s the first and oldest Continuing Care Retirement Community in North Carolina, and was the first Masonic Fraternal Home in the U.S. created solely to care for the elderly. Today, WhiteStone is open to everyone looking for a secure retirement in a comfortable, welcoming setting.

Our name derives from our first administrator, Mr. White, and the first couple to move into our community over a century ago, Mr. and Mrs. Stone. Though our community has moved forward and changed with the times since we opened our doors, our values remain steadfast. We strive to create a culture of friendship and compassion that enhances the quality of life for everyone in our community.

Discover what makes WhiteStone such a friendly, welcoming place to live. To schedule a visit, use the form below. We’ll be in touch soon.

We’ve also established a foundation, the North Carolina Masonic and Eastern Star Home Foundation, to provide financial assistance to eligible fraternally-affiliated seniors to help cover room and board, food, prescriptions and/or healthcare at WhiteStone.

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