At WhiteStone, we believe it’s not enough to live longer. You deserve to live better, too, so, we take a whole-person approach to wellness that can help you live healthier and happier. Encompassing the eight dimensions of wellness, our program features a variety of wellness activities for seniors that not only promote healthy aging, but they also create a lifestyle you’ll love.

At WhiteStone, you’ll wake up each day looking forward to new activities and events that enrich your quality of life, deliver health benefits and are just plain fun.

Dynamic, engaging and welcoming, our community has something (or more!) for everyone. From social events to physical activity, these senior living community events are specially designed by us just for you.

Physical Health

Your physical health can affect every part of your life, so we make physical fitness a top priority. Fitness can improve a variety of health conditions in older adults, such as lowering blood pressure. With an indoor pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, and plenty of wellness spaces for classes and group events, WhiteStone makes exercising regularly easy and enjoyable. Plus, our trainers and instructors make sure you’re exercising correctly, developing healthy habits and getting the most from your workout. We’ve got classes that fit every interest and ability, including:

  • Water aerobics
  • Strength and balance classes
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Chair volleyball
  • And more

Intellectual Wellness

As we age, it’s normal to experience changes in our thinking and memory. They are normal signs of the aging process. But there are ways to slow down these symptoms and keep your mind sharp. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, mental stimulation is important for brain health. You’ve got to exercise your mind just as you would your body to keep it in tip-top shape. The benefits of mental exercises are numerous; such activity boosts your mood, decreases stress, and increases your ability to concentrate. At WhiteStone, we’ve got a variety of activities designed to keep you mentally sharp, intellectually stimulated and feeling good, including:

  • Brain fitness classes
  • Guest lectures in our monthly speaker series
  • Book club
  • Local college classes
  • Games, puzzles, chess, crosswords, and more

Emotional Well-Being

Your emotional well-being is just as essential as your physical and intellectual wellness. And just like physical and intellectual exercise, it takes work. A senior living community like WhiteStone is perfectly designed to support you in all areas of emotional wellness, including:

  • Social engagement – With our calendar of social activities, the company of peers and the support of our staff, there’s always someone here to spend time with and brighten your day.
  • Maintaining your cognitive health – Staying mentally sharp is key to your emotional wellness. With the many programs and activities offered at WhiteStone, we can help keep you intellectually active.
  • Independence ­– Living alone can be stressful. It’s difficult to handle all the work, worry and cost of owning a home when you’re by yourself. Living at WhiteStone gives you the best of both worlds: the independence of your own residence, plus services and staff who make each day easy and enjoyable.
  • Hobbies & Exercise – With our variety of activities, programs and events, staying physically and mentally active and engaged is easy at WhiteStone.

Social Engagement

Living alone can be more than lonely; it can be detrimental to your health. In fact, isolation can lead to depression. Being socially connected to others keeps the brain sharp and the spirits lifted. At WhiteStone, there are endless opportunities for connecting with others. From sharing conversations and experiences to dining together, this is a place to live a social, engaged life. There’s so much going on, including:

  • Special-interest clubs
  • Special events
  • Trips to Greensboro’s attractions, including:
    • Ambleside Gallery
    • Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts
    • The Greensboro Arboretum
    • Antique Market Place
    • First National Bank Field
    • Greensboro Symphony Orchestra
    • And so many more!

Vocational Opportunities

Residents of WhiteStone have a wealth of knowledge, and we encourage them to share their talents, skills and expertise through:

  • Teaching others
  • Volunteering
  • Leading discussion groups

Giving back gives you purpose, one of the keys to maintaining lifelong wellness.

Environmental Connection

Lead a life that respects nature and values the relationship between you, the community and the environment. From providing gardening and green spaces to recycling and shrinking our carbon footprint, we make every effort to make our community a healthy place to live.

Spiritual Life

A strong spiritual life can instill hope, strength, and peace. We offer a variety of ways to nurture and celebrate your spirituality, including:

  • Worship services in our chapel
  • Meditation classes
  • Religious studies
  • Choir
  • And more

Health Services

In addition to health screenings, fitness classes and health-related educational classes, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to support your health at every stage, including rehabilitation, in-home care, memory care, and short- and long-term skilled nursing.

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A Forward-Thinking Community

As the saying goes, the only constant is change. Today, some forward-thinking senior living communities like WhiteStone are shifting focus, moving from senior care to wellness living. Our goal is to keep residents as healthy, happy and active as possible for as long as possible – then have care services available if they’re needed.

That’s also why we keep ahead of senior wellness trends and are constantly adding, improving and enhancing services, programs, spaces and opportunities to help our residents live their very best lives.

Community Events

The best way to experience the lifestyle offered at WhiteStone is to visit. We host a variety of community events that welcome you to join in the fun and festivity. Meet and mingle with staff, residents, and others interested in learning more about our community. We invite you to visit our events page. We have some exciting things happening soon, and we hope to see you there.

To learn more about our wellness program and how it can help you live healthier and happier, contact us by using the form on this page. For a closer look at our lifestyle, visit us on Facebook.


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