Senior Wellness Activities | Whitestone

We give you the keys to lifelong wellness.

seniors exercising at home

At WhiteStone, we believe it’s not enough to live longer. We want you to live better, too. So we take a whole-person approach to wellness that can help you live healthier and happier. Our wellness program encompasses eight dimensions of wellness, including:

Physical – Your physical health can affect every part of your life, so we make physical fitness a top priority with water aerobics, strength and balance classes, yoga, Tai Chi, chair volleyball and more.

Intellectual – Stay mentally sharp by participating in our brain fitness classes, attend a guest lecture in our monthly speaker series, join a book club or take a class at a local college.

Emotional – We look after each other, support each other and treat each person like family. There’s always someone or something at WhiteStone to brighten your day.

Social – There are endless opportunities for connecting with others at WhiteStone, including special-interest clubs, classes, games, movie nights, happy hours, special events, trips to local museums and the Symphony, and more.

Vocational – Our residents have a wealth of knowledge and we encourage them to share it by teaching others, volunteering or leading discussion groups. Giving back gives you purpose, one of the keys to maintaining lifelong wellness.

Environmental – From providing gardening and green spaces to recycling and shrinking our carbon footprint, we make every effort to make our community a healthy place in which to live.

Spiritual – A strong spiritual sense can offer hope, strength, and peace. We offer worship services in our chapel, meditation classes, religious studies, choir and more.

Health Services – In addition to health screenings, fitness classes and health-related educational classes, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to support your health at every stage, including rehabilitation therapies, in-home care, memory care and skilled nursing.




To learn more about our wellness program and how it can help you live healthier and happier, contact us by using the form on this page. For a closer look at our lifestyle, visit us on Facebook.