11 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

May 18, 2023 | Blog, Senior Living and Health | 0 comments

In Greensboro, NC, you’ll find countless ways to enjoy the great outdoors and our beautiful area attractions. Our residents at WhiteStone love to get outside both on campus and off to take advantage of their favorite outdoor activities when the weather is gorgeous. 

We’ve put together 11 great outdoor activities that everyone from grandkids to parents to older adults can enjoy. Take a look through to find your newest favorite activity for spending time outdoors

1. Gardening 

Gardening is one of the most popular activities in the United States, and it’s one of the best outdoor activities for seniors. Not only does it result in beautiful blooms and delicious produce, but it also provides great, low-impact physical activity, and is a perfect example of the “Environmental” Pillar of Wellness which is part of the lifestyle at WhiteStone. If you’re looking for a way to work up a little sweat without the strain while creating a living piece of art, gardening is the way to go. You can even garden in pots and planters if you don’t have a yard!

2. Bird-Watching 

Many seniors enjoy bird-watching for the thrill of seeing a new species. While that’s certainly a part of the enjoyment, it’s also proven to be a calming, reflective and health-boosting activity. It’s an excellent way to get out in the great outdoors and connect with nature in a soothing, therapeutic way. 

3. Visiting Farmers Markets

Spring and summer mean gorgeous fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs – meaning it’s the perfect time to visit a local farmers market. Spend an afternoon wandering the stalls and discover just how delicious a fresh tomato really tastes. You’ll also find artisan wares, crafts, and other surprising discoveries. Here in town, we recommend visiting the Greensboro Farmers Market, which has been in existence since 1874!

4. Outdoor Theatre & Music 

Many communities (including ours) have a plethora of music events and theater performances under the stars during the summer months. Most of these artistic endeavors are free, and all you need to bring is a chair or blanket, snacks, and a mind ready to be entertained. 

5. Outdoor Art Shows

People of all ages enjoy attending annual art fairs and craft shows that take place during the warmer months. These shows are an awesome opportunity to see high-quality artisans from all over, and maybe even pick up a one-of-a-kind piece to display over your mantle. These events also often have food trucks and live entertainment, so they’re always a good place to spend an afternoon or several days. 

6. Walking

Walking is an all-star of outdoor activities: It gets you out and about, helps you connect with your neighborhood and the surrounding area, builds flexibility and muscle, maintains balance, and even gives you a little cardio! Best of all, walking can be done just about anywhere: a local park, your neighborhood cul-de-sac, a high school track, or on one of the beautiful walking paths at WhiteStone… All you need are a good pair of walking shoes and maybe even some friends to join you. 

7. Picnics

Grab a blanket, fill up a cooler with your favorite foods, and head to a local park or favorite outdoor spot for one of summer’s most classic outdoor activities. There are few things more enjoyable than relaxing with a delicious sandwich and a cold beverage while getting a little fresh air and some vitamin D.

8. Swimming

Summer and swimming … the two naturally go hand in hand in the summertime. Swimming is not only a fun activity for the kids; it’s also one of the best ways for seniors to exercise. The natural buoyancy of the water helps with circulation and eases the strain on joints and muscles. The slight resistance helps build muscle and flexibility, and because you’re in water, you don’t get overheated. Here at WhiteStone, aquatic therapy in the community’s heated pool is among the many activities offered. 

9. Photography 

Everyone can be a photographer these days, whether you’re using your smartphone or the most sophisticated mirrorless camera. Search for the perfect shot or simply capture your summer memories. Afterward, you can edit them to perfection (or not) and commemorate them in a scrapbook, large framed print, or other displayable gifts. 

10. Fishing

Fishing is one of those activities that isn’t very active but reaps benefits when it comes to your social and emotional well-being. Many fishermen will tell you that being on the lake for hours helps you commune with nature and gain a sense of peace. Fishing is also a popular activity to do intergenerationally, making it a great bonding opportunity and an enjoyable activity for grandparents and grandchildren. 

11. Community Events

Local Chamber of Commerce or Parks and Recreation departments are always hosting events, activities and opportunities. Some may be as classic as Fourth of July Fireworks; some may be as unique as a vegan food truck festival. These community-centric events are important parts of building connections with others. Older adults may enjoy the opportunity to help out at different activities (after all, these events only occur thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers). 

Discover the outdoor delights of summer in Greensboro, NC

At WhiteStone, we provide opportunities to stay active, not just physically but also socially and emotionally. Our tight knit community offers residents incredible opportunities for socializing and connecting both on and off community grounds during all seasons. View a sample of the activities calendar and contact us today to learn more about the fulfilling lifestyle at WhiteStone.



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