The Best and Safest Exercises After a Knee Replacement

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Now that the surgery is over, it’s time to get into recovery. Without proper guidance on your recovery journey, it can be difficult to know where to start. Rehabilitation services at WhiteStone have open admissions, meaning you don’t have to be a resident at WhiteStone to access our exceptional rehab facilities.

Whether you’re on your own or part of a senior living community like WhiteStone, we’re here to provide top-notch rehabilitation tailored to your needs.

Phases of Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement

Phase 1: Early Recovery (Weeks 1-2)

In these first few weeks, it’s all about soothing the knee and getting it moving again. Your therapist guides you through gentle exercises to boost circulation, reduce swelling,  promote healing, and keep things from getting too stiff.

Phase 2: Intermediate Rehabilitation (Weeks 3-6)

As you move forward, the focus shifts to building strength and flexibility. Picture your therapist as your personal coach, introducing exercises that tone muscles, enhance flexibility, and refine how you walk. They might even throw in some balance exercises to keep you steady on your feet.

Phase 3: Advanced Conditioning (Weeks 7-12)

Now things get a bit more exciting. The exercises turn up the intensity, mimicking real-life movements. Strengthening the muscles around your knee becomes the focus, and your therapist tailors everything to suit you, gearing up for more active adventures.

Phase 4: Return to Activities (Weeks 13 and Beyond)

You’re almost there! Now, it’s time to prep for a return to the things you love, whether it’s sports or just climbing stairs without any extra help from a walker or cane. Work with your therapist to keep up the good work and figure out how to keep this positive momentum going.

Long-Term Recovery (After Surgery)

After a knee replacement, it’s not just about getting back on your feet; it’s about making sure you stay up and running. 

WhiteStone offers a brand new Care and Wellness Center on-site for those in need of long-term skilled nursing or short-term rehabilitation.

Our recently renovated state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym, new wellness spaces, therapy services, and more are designed to support you on your way to feeling your best, as soon as possible.

Seniors taking a yoga class

Here are some tips to ensure the longevity of your recovery journey:

  • 1. Develop a consistent exercise routine
  • 2. Diversify activities
  • 3. Listen to your body
  • 4. Schedule regular follow-ups
  • 5. Maintain a holistic lifestyle
  • 6. Celebrate milestones

Regaining Strength After Knee Replacement
To bounce back strong, think of these exercises as your personal comeback plan:

1. Early Post-Op Exercise
In the initial weeks, focus on gentle exercises to enhance circulation and promote healing.

  • Ankle Pumps
  • Quad Sets
  • Straight Leg Raises

2. Intermediate Rehabilitation

As you progress, introduce a more diverse set of exercises to build strength and flexibility.

  • Knee Straightening Exercises
  • Seated Knee Extensions
  • Supported/Unsupported Sitting Knee Bends

3. Advanced Conditioning

Gradually increase the intensity with functional exercises.

  • Leg Press
  • Exercycling
  • Resistance Band Workouts

Senior woman stretching with bands

4. Return to Activities

Prepare for a return to your desired activities with targeted exercises.

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique, and consistency is the key to your recovery. Stay positive, stay committed, and soon you’ll be back to enjoying an active and vibrant life post-knee replacement!

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