Current Wellness Trends in Senior Living

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Top Wellness Trends in Senior Living

Throughout the years, seniors have developed wellness routines that ensure they are not only physically healthy but are also able to find purpose and fulfillment as they age. This is why many senior living communities put senior wellness at the forefront of their programs

The International Council on Active Aging found that senior living communities are moving away from a care-first mindset and toward a wellness  lifestyle with options for care. 60% of respondents predicted that, by 2023, their retirement communities would be based on wellness lifestyles. Among the five types of wellness programs that will increase in such communities are:

  • Education and lifelong learning
  • Exercise (led by both instructors and technology)
  • Health education and disease management
  • Food and nutrition education and preparation
  • Intergenerational programs linking youth and older adults

We’re seeing a growing number of ways seniors are incorporating cutting-edge technology and ancient practices into their health and wellness programs. Combining best physical health practices with accompanying spiritual and mental techniques helps seniors in living longer.

Read on to learn more about some of the top current wellness trends in senior living.

Senior Wellness Centers and Programs

At WhiteStone, our new and improved Care and Wellness Center can help you live happier and healthier. Its open design allows for abundant natural light to filter in, making sure residents get as much Vitamin D as possible! We offer training services with personalized workouts to target your goals, in addition to a full schedule of easy exercises and healthy activities. And if keeping your mind sharp interests you, our Care and Wellness Center provides brain fitness classes, guest lectures and book clubs.

Other expanded areas at the Center include a state-of-art rehabilitation gym and a gorgeous garden and courtyard. Along with an updated, enhanced salon and spa, residents can continue to enjoy access to WhiteStone campus amenities – such as the swimming pool and fitness center.

With amenities and services typically associated with fine hotels, our updated Care and Wellness Center offers a mix of private and companion suites. We also provide worship services, religious studies and more to keep you in touch with your faith.

We don’t want to just take care of residents today; we want to help them feel well today and into the future. Senior living communities such as WhiteStone are committed to staying on top of the latest research advances and modern technology. These innovations have the potential to enhance daily life and promote longevity. Most of all, they emphasize the importance of senior wellness, shifting holistic health to the foreground and making wellness practice a part of everyday life.

New Technologies Focused on Health

Many communities are adopting smart techology to help seniors live a more holistic lifestyle.

Fitness equipment that lets you upload your own workouts in the gym is among the latest trends in wellness in senior living, including smart lights that prevent falls and medication dispensers that time your dosage. Telehealth is also becoming more common, so residents can see a doctor remotely, over video chat.Smartwatches have made it possible for seniors to monitor important health markers like heart rate, heart rhythm or oxygen levels. There are also specialized apps dedicated to monitoring glucose levels, nutrition and stress. With some smartwatches, the wearer may be able to alert others via the app if they have fallen. Usually, the app automatically calls emergency services after it confirms the senior is unable to respond.

Mindfulness and Alternative Wellness Practice

As part of our effort to strengthen your connection with yourself (and reduce stress), traditional health treatments are being supplemented by holistic methods, such as mindfulness or massage. It is not surprising that this combined approach is proving beneficial. Apart from reducing muscle and joint pain, massage is also known for reducing blood pressure, increasing range of motion, improving flexibility and strengthening the immune system.

As a practice that dates back thousands of years, meditation is far more than a fad. Researchers have identified links between meditation and overall health, thus creating a resurgence in popularity.

Lifelong Learning

Both mental and physical exercise are important for senior wellness.

By learning a new skill or by engaging in a new subject, you can stimulate the growth of new brain cells and slow down the aging process. Education itself adds meaning and value to your emotional and physical well-being. As well as helping to reduce depression and boost self-esteem, pursuing new knowledge has been shown to mitigate the symptoms of memory loss.

There are a number of retirement communities that invite guest lecturers and set up on-site regular educational programs in their activities calendar.

Stress Management and Reduction

Downsizing and simplifying a senior’s lifestyle is one way to reduce the stress sources in their lives in order to lessen daily pressures and reap the long-term benefits.

To ease the daily stresses of seniors, independent living communities offer services such as cooking, housekeeping and maintenance. The senior living lifestyle offers a range of solutions to accommodate the needs of seniors in terms of travel, visiting family, and pursuing their interests.

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