19 Fun & Engaging Indoor Activities for Seniors 

Dec 7, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Previously, we’ve shared our favorite activities for seniors to enjoy the great outdoors, but the seasons are changing, and it’s time to turn our focus to the indoors. Fortunately, at senior living communities like WhiteStone, there’s always something to do and a friend to share it with.

What’s more, engaging indoor activities for older adults can help promote mental and physical well-being. Here’s a list of 19 of our favorite indoor activities that are sure to keep you busy during the winter months:

1. Board Games: Classic games like chess, Scrabble, or checkers can be great for mental stimulation and social interaction. Plus, these are great intergenerational activities. Grab your grandkids and have them join you!

Seniors playing scrabble

2. Card Games: Bridge, poker, or simpler games like Go Fish can be enjoyable and social. In fact, there are studies about how playing card games can benefit mental health and decrease the risk of dementia in seniors. 

3. Puzzle Time: Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to exercise the mind and improve focus. Just like games, puzzles are also great for people of all ages and can be a fun activity to share with family members

4. Art and Craft Sessions: Remember the art classes of your youth? Try revisiting some of these beloved pastimes. Painting, knitting, needlepointing, or other creative activities are excellent for self-expression. Plus, you can make gifts for those you love! 

5. Indoor Gardening: Potted plants and small herb gardens are great for seniors who enjoy tending to plants. Gardening, both indoors and outdoors, shows health benefits, including decreased stress and lower cortisol levels. 

6. Cooking or Baking Classes: When you live at a senior living community, like WhiteStone, you enjoy wonderful meals each day. But if cooking or baking was a favorite pastime of yours, it’s a great activity that’s engaging and produces a yummy final product. There are an abundance of blogs and websites with recipe ideas to try. 

7. Book Club: A regular book club encourages reading and provides a platform for discussion while spending time together. All it takes to start a book club is a book to read, a place to meet, and an excited group of readers. 

8. Museum Visits: Some museums offer virtual tours, allowing seniors to explore art and history from home. You can check out the variety of options available online

9. Movie or TV Show Nights: Grab the popcorn and Junior Mints and enjoy a movie night with friends. With a surplus of streaming platforms, there’s something for everyone’s taste. 

10. Exercise Classes: Gentle exercises like yoga or chair aerobics can help with mobility and strength. At WhiteStone, we offer a variety of exercise classes, like our popular seated boxing class

Active happy elders with colorful dumbbells during training

11. Music Sessions: Listening to music, playing instruments, or singing can be very therapeutic and fun for a group of people, or done solo. If you’re a gifted pianist, perhaps teaching a student to play would be a great opportunity for you. 

12. Storytelling: Share and record personal stories or family histories. With tools like Storyworth, you can ensure your legacy is shared with family and friends for generations. 

13. Educational Apps and Games: There are many apps and games designed for cognitive stimulation. You might want to try learning a new language or do an online word search

14. Trivia or Quiz Nights: Test the knowledge of your friends on various subjects with friendly competition. These social activities are a great way to include a larger group of friends. 

15. Themed Parties: Celebrate holidays, birthdays, or just have a themed dinner party. Maybe a murder mystery dinner is your style, or you’d rather hold an event to honor a certain culture. Either way, the options are endless. 

16. Virtual Travel Experiences: Explore different countries and cultures through virtual travel experiences. Check out this list of ideas of places to virtually visit

17. DIY Home Decor: Engage in creative projects to decorate their living spaces. Projects like woodworking and ceramics promote hand-eye coordination and give you a wonderful product to add to your home. 

18. Guest Speakers: Invite experts or community members to give talks or workshops on various topics for lifelong learning. At WhiteStone, we have a regular series of guest speakers for residents to enjoy.

19. Attend Events at a Senior Living Community: There is always something happening at WhiteStone! If you’re interested in senior living, attend an event to learn all about engaging activities and amenities available.

Make the Most of Life, Indoors and Out, at WhiteStone

Here at WhiteStone, there’s so much to do each day. Our supportive and inclusive environment ensures everyone can participate and have fun. If you’re looking for an active retirement, give us a call at 336-617-9653 to learn more about life at our community.



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