What Does WhiteStone Offer Me That I Don’t Already Have?

May 21, 2021 | Life at WhiteStone | 0 comments

“Why would I want to move?” This is something seniors often say when the subject comes up about where to live their retirement years. “I have everything I want now. What does a retirement community offer that I don’t already enjoy?”

The short answer: More than you expect. 

Marie Dunn, Director of Sales and Marketing at WhiteStone, a Masonic and Eastern Star retirement community in Greensboro, NC, says that more and more seniors are becoming wise to the idea that senior living can be a pretty great experience – even, or especially if, you don’t yet “need” it.

“Senior living in a place like WhiteStone is really all about the living,” she says. “Unlike communities of the past, retirement communities these days are designed for the active lifestyle of today’s older adults while also planning for and meeting their future needs.”

At a Life Plan Community like WhiteStone, Marie explains, residents join when they’re active, healthy and independent so they can age in place while being protected from growing long-term care costs, no matter what services they may need in the future. But that’s just for starters. Marie says that there are many, many other benefits that WhiteStone provides seniors that they simply can’t get in their current living scenario. 

“It all comes down to choice,” she says. “WhiteStone simply provides choices that you won’t or can’t get in your current living situation. As we all know, more choices means a more varied, more fulfilled and better life, no matter how old we are.”

What WhiteStone Provides

Many WhiteStone residents say they wish they’d moved to the community sooner. They’re surprised at the number of wonderful people they’ve met who’ve become true friends. They love no longer having to take care of a house and lawn, leaving them more time to take advantage of our many thoughtful activities and amenities. They appreciate the ability to let go of worries about a future move, and are relieved their children won’t have to make future decisions on their behalf. But those aren’t the only things they love. Here’s what our residents discover when they move to WhiteStone:

An easier life. 

Life is easier at WhiteStone because we take care of so many details. You say goodbye to housekeeping and chores, cooking meals, grocery shopping and even driving yourself, if you don’t want to do that ever again. If you are getting tired of dealing with the tedious tasks of homeownership, our maintenance-free, all-inclusive Life Plan Community is the respite you deserve. Plus, you have quick access to all sorts of essentials, like banking services and a hair salon to a convenient shop and business center.

More opportunities and ways to stay involved.

Easy access to activities and amenities gives you the chance to try new things and continue your lifelong passions. You can choose from hundreds of educational and recreational activities, join any number of special interest clubs, attend holiday parties and community barbecues, swim, garden, take exercise and wellness classes, and so much more. Plus, you’ll find easy ways to share your time and talents. You can join or lead any number of committees and organizations, or start one of your own.

More security. 

We mean that in the literal sense. Our Life Plan Community has a caring staff available around the clock, meaning they are ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Thanks to 24-hour emergency response systems, safety designs like pull bars and guard rails, secure entrances and exits, fire alarms and built-to-code structures, you (or your loved ones) will know that you’re in as safe a place as possible. Bonus: if and when you want to travel, you don’t have to worry about getting a house or pet sitter – we’ll keep an eye on your place for you and make sure it’s ready to welcome you back after a long journey. 

Instant friendships. 

Loneliness can be a real problem for older adults because, in retirement, friends and family move away, and there isn’t a place to build instant bonds like at work. Moving to a retirement community like WhiteStone provides that instant sense of community that you may have been looking for. Not only are you surrounded by your peers who are in the same stage of life, but you also have so many opportunities to meet people. Whether you want to strike up a conversation with a new friend over dinner or seek out people who enjoy the same hobbies as you or whatever else, you have all the time in the world to do it, and many choices both on and off campus. 

Care for a lifetime. 

Even if you’re a healthy, active and independent senior at the moment, it’s possible that you may end up needing more health care and support down the road. At WhiteStone, you never have to worry about who will take care of you in the future. That’s because we offer a variety of services, from in-home care to short- and long-term skilled nursing, provided by highly trained staff who know and care about you. Of course, that means ultimate peace of mind for you and your family. 

“At WhiteStone, you’re not giving up your independence – you’re enhancing it,” says Marie. “Moving to our community means never having to worry about home maintenance and repairs. You get to leave housekeeping and lawn mowing to us because you’ll have better things to do, like pursuing your hobbies, exploring new interests, making new friends or visiting all those places in Greensboro and Winston-Salem you’ve always wanted to explore.”

“At the same time, our community is surprisingly affordable. When you compare all the costs of staying in your home and consider all the added amenities and services that come with your independent living residence, it’s a move that simply makes sense.”

None of us can predict the future, so it’s important to make plans and carpe the diem to ensure you’re getting the most out of your retirement years. With that in mind, consider moving to WhiteStone when you’re able to make the decision for yourself and before a health problem affects your ability to qualify for residency. WhiteStone residents are also quick to point out that moving when you’re younger makes it easier to acclimate to your new neighborhood and make new friends.

Founded on Fellowship. Inspired by You. 

WhiteStone is the first and oldest Life Plan Community in North Carolina. Founded in 1912 as the first Masonic Fraternal Home in the U.S. created solely to care for the elderly, WhiteStone is open to everyone looking for a secure retirement in a comfortable, welcoming setting.

WhiteStone offers residents a host of amenities and services designed to make life easier, healthier and happier. In addition to independent living, WhiteStone offers a full range of 5-star rated senior health services, if and when the need arises, including memory care, in-home care, short- and long-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation. Assisted living services are coming soon to the community. 

Since WhiteStone is a Life Plan Community, residents will never need to move in order to get the health care they need. At WhiteStone, we provide expert personalized care on campus in our top-rated Care and Wellness Center.

For more information about our community, please contact Marie Dunn at 336-459-0904.



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