What is a Life Plan Community

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When you start looking into retirement or senior living, the term “Life Plan Community” will likely appear. Understanding what a Life Plan Community is and what its benefits are will help as you assess your senior living options. 

Below, we’ve outlined the must-know information about Life Plan Communities.

The Definition of a Life Plan Community

A Life Plan Community is a type of senior housing and care arrangement that offers a continuum of care services to older adults, typically in a single campus-like setting. The primary distinguishing feature of a Life Plan Community is that it provides various levels of care within the same community, allowing residents to transition between different types of care as their needs change over time. 

Designed to accommodate the evolving needs of older adults as they age, Life Plan Communities have grown increasingly popular for seniors as they plan for their future.

What Is the Difference Between a Life Plan Community and Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A Life Plan Community and a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) are essentially the same type of senior housing and care arrangement, with the terminology being the primary difference. The name “Life Plan Community” was more recently coined and is used to reflect a more positive and forward-looking perspective on aging, compared to the older term “CCRC.” The core concept of both remains consistent: to promote an active, fulfilling lifestyle while providing peace of mind through access to various levels of care.

The transition from “CCRC” to “Life Plan Community” is mainly a semantic shift to promote a more vibrant image of aging and retirement. The core features, services, and principles of these communities remain consistent, focusing on a continuum of care and an active lifestyle for seniors.

Understanding the Continuum of Care

For the majority of Life Plan Communities, residents enter the community through independent living. Then, should your needs change, you’ll have access to a continuum of care, which usually includes assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

Independent Living

This feels much like the life you led before moving to the community, but with fewer worries! Life Plan Community residents initially live in independent living residences, such as apartments or cottages. These residences are equipped for self-sufficient living, and residents can maintain an active and independent lifestyle while enjoying all the amenities and services the community provides. 

Assisted Living

When individuals require some assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), they can transition to assisted living accommodations within the same community. Assisted living services may include help with bathing, dressing, medication management, and other tasks.

Memory Care

Some Life Plan Communities have specialized memory care residences to support residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. These units offer a secure and supportive environment that is specifically designed to benefit those with memory loss. 

Skilled Nursing

For individuals who require 24/7 medical care and support, skilled nursing services are available onsite. These units offer comprehensive health care services, including rehabilitation, and provide a comfortable environment.

Life Plan Community Services and Amenities

One of the greatest benefits of senior living is the extensive services and amenities available to residents. Life Plan Communities typically offer a range of amenities, including dining options, fitness centers, recreational activities, transportation services, and more. These amenities are designed to enhance residents’ quality of life.

seniors enjoying the life plan community of Whitestone playing pool with friends

Here are WhiteStone, some of our most popular amenities and services include:

  • An indoor swimming pool and fitness center
  • A library
  • An art studio
  • A billiards/game room
  • A salon/spa
  • A convenience shop
  • A bar and lounge with a 360° view of the courtyard
  • A chapel
  • A community garden
  • A dog park
  • Housekeeping tailored to your requests
  • Indoor and outdoor maintenance
  • Landscaping and lawn care
  • Scheduled shuttle service to local area attractions
  • Recreational, social, cultural and educational activities
  • Community-wide Wi-Fi access
  • On-site security and a 24-hour emergency call system
  • Multiple dining options, including our main dining room, Bistro and take-out service

The Power of Community: Social Benefits

With ample data emphasizing the importance of socialization as we age, choosing a Life Plan Community for your senior years ensures you’ll always be surrounded by friends. There are endless opportunities to connect with your friends and neighbors through activities and programming offered at the community. 

At WhiteStone, we focus on lifelong wellness, and socialization is part of that mission. Just like becoming a resident of a Life Plan Community is key to healthy and happy senior years.

Security for the Future: Live at WhiteStone   

WhiteStone is proud to be a Life Plan Community where you have the comfort and security of knowing you’ll always be taken care of. Contact us at 336-459-0904 to learn more or schedule a tour. 



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