Independent Living at WhiteStone: A Day in the Life

Mar 27, 2023 | Life at WhiteStone | 0 comments

For Anita (76) and her husband (80), downsizing and relocating to be closer to their children without becoming a burden were of the utmost importance to retiring in Greensboro, North Carolina. The only change they’d make today is to go back in time and move to WhiteStone sooner.

They’ve now been residing in their independent living apartment at WhiteStone for three months and can attest to the fact that their lives are already much fuller in such a short period of time. Anita is pleased to share with anyone who asks that WhiteStone is “a community of love” and that “acceptance is the norm.” 

Although WhiteStone was founded as a Masonic and Eastern Star retirement community, those of all faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities are welcomed with open arms today. Anita and her husband are not Masons or Eastern Stars and felt the love from fellow neighbors and community staff from the moment they moved in.

So what exactly does independent living in Greensboro look like for Anita? What are her days filled with, and how has the lifestyle at WhiteStone changed her perspective on senior living communities? She was kind enough to share it all. 

Activities a-plenty

When we asked Anita about her daily life at WhiteStone, she was eager and excited about every enriching and interactive activity she takes part in. 

Anita, WhiteStone Senior Living resident

On Mondays and Fridays, she participates in chair boxing. “It’s energetic and engages the entire body!” Chair activities aren’t just limited to boxing – there’s also chair yoga and chair tai chi. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there’s a seated class for maintaining tone and balance as well. And we wouldn’t be doing Anita’s experience justice if we didn’t mention seated volleyball. It’s what she most looks forward to during the week. She says, “It’s so much fun, and we spend so much time laughing!”

Daily arts and crafts, swimming classes in the fitness center, Saturday movie nights, and “Wine Down” Fridays also keep Anita and her husband busy and engaged with new friends. Anita especially appreciates when the community brings in guest speakers who present on diverse and interesting subject matters. For example, someone recently came in to present on the topic of “Intergenerational Collaboration.” There was also a visit from the nearby wildlife rescue preservation and monthly private concerts performed by a local pianist.

Residents don’t need to remain on campus to find joy. While Anita enjoys volunteering her time to be part of several community activities committees, she also fulfills her passion for the theater by volunteering as an usher at the nearby Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.

The ease of living at WhiteStone 

We asked Anita what else makes life wonderful at WhiteStone aside from the countless activities. She appreciates that the cost of living is transparent and covers every amenity she and her husband enjoy. They don’t have to pay extra to dine or worry about the rising food costs at grocery stores. They also don’t have to worry about paying for and setting up their own utilities, including cable and internet.

“With every expense included in our monthly fee, it takes the burden off our plate to take care of what once were major responsibilities,” Anita says. 

Her new home is smaller than her previous home, but cozier. And while she and her husband both remain active, they appreciate knowing that health care services are available within the community, like assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and memory care

When we asked Anita what her favorite part is about the independent living community at WhiteStone, she had difficulty picking just one aspect. “Here, everyone knows your name, and there is so much joy and freedom in each day. It’s a nice way of living.”

Grow in every way at WhiteStone.

At our Life Plan Community in Greensboro, NC, you’ll discover worry-free independent living. With zero home maintenance and endless opportunities to pursue interests old and new, your retirement dreams will be realized each day. Experience the lifestyle and get to know current residents when you schedule a tour today.



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